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From Churchill in a clown suit to Mona Lisa with a moustache.


Draw on images with your most witty doodle ever and vote for the funniest sketch before the timer runs out!

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  • Draw on iconic images & photographs with your own satirical sketches.

  • Play up to 8 players at the same time, either locally at a dinner party, or online with weirdos and strangers. 

  • Vote for the player entry that tickles your funny bone or appeals to your sense of humour most.

  • Compete in an ever-changing array of single-player challenges and top entries from around the world.

  • Share images and gifs of your hilarious drawings for your own entertainment or for the laughs of others.

  • Unlock a variety of images, challenge friends of various drawing abilities, and entertain yourself for hours!


With multiple themed decks to choose from, each packed with recognisable, historic or just plain weird content, the giggles and the gasps will never stop!

Current Image packs include:


  • Starter Pack: to get the noobies and geriatrics going.

  • Classical Art: for the culturally conscious/pretentious.

  • Sports: for the jocks who don't know better, and for the nerds who do.

  • Old Photos: that's one small step for man, one giant lol for mankind.

  • And lots more to come as the game expands!


Your next dinner party, lunch break, or queue at the cafeteria will never be this humorous, this un-politically correct or this offensive!


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Sketch Happens is the ultimate wit-measuring competition where friends and strangers compete to show off how incredibly hilarious they are.

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